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Pediatric Chiropractic Care

A healthy baby creates a happier and healthier mom, dad, & home! 

Why are we so passionate about little people!?

As parents, chiropractic care for children is near & dear to our hearts. Chiropractic has served our family well by helping us nourish our babies health and wellness starting at birth and through the growth and development of early childhood. We can’t imagine parenthood without this invaluable resource. 

We have seen miracles happen for little ones in our community through the healing power of the human body after a chiropractic adjustment. 

It never ceases to take our breathe away and leave us in awe of what is possible when there is no interference to the intelligence of the body. 

Restoring and optimizing the health and wellness of the young members in our community is such a passion and blessing. 

What is Pediatric Chiropractic Care?  

Pediatric Chiropractic care is a very safe and gentle approach to optimizing the function of a child’s neurospinal system giving them the best possible chance to heal, grow, and thrive!

The Nervous System consists of the brain, spinal cord, and all the nerves that exit the spine and go to innervate every single cell, tissue, and organ of the body. 

When the bones of the spine and pelvis come out of alignment with one another they can cause interference and tension in the underlying nervous system. 

When interference to this system occurs it diminishes their bodies ability to adapt and overcome to their internal and external environment. 

In children, and in adults, stress in the nervous system can show itself in many ways depending on what level of the nervous system has interference to it.

How Does Pediatric Chiropractic Work?

With gentle adjustments to a child’s spine, these little misalignments can be minimized, decreasing interference to this system and allowing the brain to communicate with the body as it was designed to. This is when we see children overcome all sorts of challenges. 

At what age should children start Chiropractic Care?

No child is too young or small to be adjusted. The technique to adjust infants and children is very gentle. Most babies sleep or even play through their adjustment.  Toddlers and older children love to jump up on the chiropractic table and get their spines checked!

Interference in the spine and nervous system can start very early in life. In fact, many babies experience their first misalignment at birth. Even the most gentle births can cause misalignments in the babies spine as they maneuver their way out of the womb and into the outside world.  

The likelihood of physical trauma at birth increases dramatically when there are interventions during the birth process, such as a manually assisted delivery by hand, instrumentation, and/or cesarean section. 

These interventions can cause a substantial amount of stress in the babies upper cervical spine where the brain stem regulates body temperature, heart rate, and all the other vital forces. 

For that reason we always recommend that babies be checked soon after birth giving them the best possible start adapting and THRIVING in their new environment outside the womb. 

There are incredible benefits to Pediatric Chiropractic Care for newborns, toddlers, & older children.  


  • an easier transition to life outside the womb
  • less effects from physical trauma associated with labor & birth 
  • an increase in immune response by over 200% 
  • an optimal breastfeeding relationship 
  • better physical & emotional health
  • a decrease likelihood of developing signs & symptoms of nervous system dysfunction such as colic, acid reflux, ear infections, sleeplessness, and decreased immunity


  • integrate their environment with more ease 
  • have better small and large motor pattern development 
  • diminished long term effects on the spine and nervous system from tumbles & falls 
  • develop healthier spinal joints and alignment 
  • tend to reach physical milestones with more ease
  • have an easier time teething 
  • experience an increase in immune response by over 200% 
  • have a decreased likelihood of developing signs & symptoms of possible nervous system dysfunction such as ear infections, sleeplessness, and decreased immunity

Older Children

  • experience a better quality of life 
  • have less challenges with concentration and learning 
  • develop healthier bone & ligament structure 
  • enjoy improvements in physical activity & performance 
  • experience an increased immune response by over 200% 
  • have a decreased likelihood of developing signs & symptoms of possible nervous system dysfunction such as add/adhd, asthma, allergies, scoliosis, and decreased immune function

    In our community we typically help mothers through out their pregnancy, check the baby within moments to a few days after birth, and continue to help the family maintain their health and wellbeing through out their life. 

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