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Pregnancy, Birth, & Postpartum

Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy, Birth, & Postpartum

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and magnificent experiences in a woman’s life. Her body is creating a human being from scratch, intricately knitting together the tapestry of her baby and providing a peaceful space for the baby to thrive.

Why is Chiropractic Crucial to this Time of Transition - 

All of these processes - conception, pregnancy, labor & birth are orchestrated through the woman’s neurospinal system (brain, spinal cord, and nerves going to each and every organ) and its ability to communicate with the body effectively. 

Maintaining the integrity of the brain-body connection during these moments of motherhood and throughout life are paramount to achieving and maintaining optimal health and wellbeing both for mama and baby. 

So, whether you are pregnant for the first time, subsequent times, or just starting your journey in fertility and trying to conceive regular chiropractic care has incredible benefits: 

Chiropractic removes interference to your bodies ability to self regulate, heal, & create new life. 

  • optimizes nervous system function 
  • allows better communication between your body & your growing baby 
  • prepares your body to meet the new demands of pregnancy with more ease. 
  • helps to maintain adequate nerve flow & blood flow to the placenta (the organ of pregnancy) 
  • increases your immune response by over 200% creating a healthier soil for your baby to grow

(Source: www.naturalners.com/031206_chiropractic_immunity.html)

The American Medical Association states that women who received regular chiropractic care carried and delivered their baby with more comfort. 

Supports the Physical Transformation of Pregnancy 

  • creates optimal alignment & decreases abnormal tension in the spine and pelvis 
  • cultivates a more comfortable pregnancy 
  • creates more room for baby to grow 
  • encourages good baby position 
  • decreases unnecessary interventions for mom & baby during labor & birth 
  • decreases labor time

Another study showed that regular chiropractic care decreases the need for analgesics (pain medication) during labor by 50%, relieved intrauterine constraint, and decreased time in labor by 24% in first time moms.

More Peaceful Postpartum for Mom 

  • a healthy body can heal more efficiently 
  • realigns the pelvis encouraging an easier & more comfortable recovery 
  • reduces effects of physical trauma
  • helps women transition into motherhood with more peace 
  • increases mothers immune response during a critical time 

More Peaceful Postpartum for Baby 

  • helps baby to adapt to life outside the womb 
  • gives baby a greater opportunity to thrive physically & emotionally
  • clears out any remnants of physical trauma from labor & birth 
  • increases babies immune response by over 200% 
  • encourages an optimal breastfeeding relationship 
  • decreases likelihood of developing signs & symptoms of nervous system dysfunction such as colic, acid reflux, ear infections, sleeplessness, and decreased immunity

News has spread in the community of natural birthing that chiropractic care is essential to increasing the potential of experiencing a peaceful and productive labor, birth, & postpartum. 

Dr. Lauren Alvarado works personally with several midwife and OB groups in the area to help them achieve optimal outcomes for their patients by restoring the power to birth through realigning the spine and pelvis and allowing optimal baby positioning as well as nervous system function. Adding a qualified Chiropractor to your birth team offers benefits that last a lifetime. 

Additional Supportive Research - 

69% children who receive regular chiropractic care have never had an ear infection, vs 20% of the children who only receive medical care.

(SourceL The American Chiropractor, November 2008)

67% of babies with colic under a two week trial of chiropractic care had a decrease in crying compared to only 38% of babies on anti-gas medication. 

(Source: Short-Term Effect of Spinal Manipulation in the Treatment of Infantile Colic: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trail with Blinded Observer J Maipulative Physical There 1999 (Oct); 22(8): 517-522) 

A 3 month study of colic in response to chiropractic care showed a satisfactory result of spinal manipulative therapy in 94% of cases. 

(Source: http://www.chiro.org/research/ABSTRACTS/Infantile_Colic.shtml)

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