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Chiropractic Testimonials

"The Blessing of Healing is Poured out Amongst Us." 

We are so blessed to be able to share this amazing CHIROPRACTIC TESTIMONY with you. 

Your body was designed to HEAL. It was designed to THRIVE. Removing interference to that healing, regardless of your "condition or diagnosis," is the foundation of Chiropractic. At Restoring Life Chiropractic we are committed to releasing that healing power for every single person we put our hands on. 

"Having multiple sclerosis and having a syrinx in my spine, very few chiropractors even willing to look or help. The last five years I have suffered until I met Eric and his wife. What they have done for me words cannot even express. I used to walk with a cane barely being able to get around and now I have full motion, no pain, and I feel like I'm living life again. For those of you who think that there are no options out there go see Eric and his wife and let them do for you what they have done for me... and that's exactly what their name says on the door restoring life for they have truly restored my life."

Recorded Signs of Nerve Interference at 1st Scan 


Significant Changes Recorded at 3rd Scan



When your father is diagnosed with cancer there's only one thing you can do - and that is to support him with everything you've got. For us that came in the form of optimizing his nervous system through consistent Chiropractic Care giving his body the greatest ability to heal. 

He was adjusted on a semi regular basis (just when he was in pain) prior to his diagnosis but once he knew his life was at stake he upped his game in taking care of himself.

We adjusted him with tubes coming out of him in a hospital bed, in his bed unable to move from pain and fatigue from loosing over 50 pounds, and on the floor of his living room.

Prior to cancer my own father thought that chiropractic care was only about decreasing pain, but now he knows it's about RESTORING LIFE. 

At his follow up appointments his oncologist was always shocked at his progress and how fast he recovered. They asked him to come speak at a cancer support group to inspire others going through the same struggle! 

#restoringlife #itswhatwedo #chiropracticforthewin

When I came to Dr. Alvarado the first time, I could hardly raise my left arm.  I not only had extreme pain, but also the entire shoulder was weak and almost frozen.  In 3 short months Dr. Alvarado had me able to do almost anything with my left arm.  Now I can extend it straight up, out and down without pain.  Since then I have gone into his maintenance program of an adjustment and massage every 2 weeks.  I have had no major nor minor illnesses of any kind since starting chiropractic care.  I eagerly anticipate my treatment and massage every 2 weeks.

K. Sorrells

When I first went to see Dr. Alvarado, I could hardly stand up straight due to back and leg pain.  After the third visit, I was completely pain free, though I will continue treatment.  Dr. Alvarado is very thorough and professional.  He seems to be in tune with what is causing pain to my body.  I highly recommend Dr. Alvarado.

M. Levins

Dear Doctor Alvarado,

I just wanted to say "thank you" for treating me like a person instead of a number.  It's refreshing to observe your dedication to your work.  Clearly, you are passionate about the difference you make in other people's lives.  Thanks for loving your job.

 J. Johnson

I had surgery back in July 2010 but continued to experience chronic pain due to a re-injury. I was referred to Dr. Alvarado in late December 2010, and after the first treatment, I could tell a major difference. the pain dramatically reduced, I was able to lift my arm which I was unable to do for months. I attribute this to his technique. The level of pain I was experiencing has not returned! He has a great staff who is always ready and willing to help. I highly recommend Dr. Alvarado to anyone who has any type of chronic pain or discomfort.

K. Arocha

Dr. Eric Alvarado is a great chiropractor because, he can identify your problem area and quickly match it to a solution that addresses your pain.  He knows how to be firm but yet not hurt you.  They begin with x-rays to see where you start and see the progress til end of treatment.  I had been going to chiropractors for years and none of the others were able to identify all my problems and set up a good treatment plan like he has.  Dr. A is on the best!

M. Striker

A wonderful Dr.  I have been to two other Chiropractors in my life for car accidents.  And those chiropractors were not near as good or detailed.  He is nice and easy to talk to. I like the staff also.  I always feel better once I go to him.  Keep up the great work.  Thanks for all your help. 

J. Oram

Stop waiting to fix your back! I had never been to a chiropractor before, and I was skeptical.  I had a back pain that was starting to interfere with my life and thought I would investigate a chiropractor.  The professionalism, knowledge, integrity and sincerity demonstrated by Dr. Alvarado and his staff won me over enough to give it a try.  The don't try to sell you on anything.  Dr. Alvarado is very straight forward and just gives you information and let's you make up your mind.  They have flexible hours and I feel that for the service that is provided reasonable rates. I have been a patient for almost a year and have seen a major improvement in my back pain, I almost don't even think of it anymore.  I am now a believer in what this type of medicine can do.  Anytime a friend or coworker complains to me that their back or neck hurts I always recommend this office.  I have nothing but good things to say about it.

J. Hoskinson

I found This office online & was so glad I did. I was in severe pain and could hardly move my right arm when I first meant Dr. Alavardo.. He has helped me so much. Hes a very good chiropractor and very caring too! I reccommend him highly.... Connie Steere

Very satisfied w progress of pain maintenance and decrease of pain. Able to walk w/o pain thanks to Dr Eric. Sue McCuistion

I really enjoy the hospitality and the speed of service you get in and get out and your made to feel welcome. Cedric Holloway

I found out about the center through a well trusted business person. I am pleased with the treatment I have received. I can feel a remarkable difference since my first visit. Special thanks, for your goal in assisting us in getting well. Brenda Graham

This place is the best. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. And I'm on my way to having a much better back. Chase Carter

Love the place and the people here. Anon

I love going here. I walk to a very calm and inviting atmosphere and receive amazing care catered to my needs. INCREDIBLE! Shannon Gow

Best way to stay aligned. Anon

I really had nothing wrong with me. At least that's what I thought since I didn't really have any pain. After I got adjusted I haven't felt this right since jr high before I started sports. I feel better fast and stronger. My body had some much tension that didn't even know about I was walk stand doing everything different cause of it now my quality of life is so much better. Salamon Martinez

Finally I have found a Chiropractor that has carring staff that know you by name and a great Chiropractor that has erased my pain! Carol Elliott

When I began care with Dr. Alvarado, I had doubts that I would ever be "pain free." For several years I had tolerated back and neck pain and considered it part of getting older. Now, after following the treatment plan provided by Dr. Alvarado, I am pain free! Thank you Dr. Alvarado! Brandon Hendrickson

They go above and beyond to make sure you are truy healthy. They are caring and very helpful. Rebecca Christie

Dr. Alvarado is a true professional with a healing touch. I would highly recommend him, I trust him completely. I have a herniated disc and he always relieves my pain. Debbie Cantu

Dr. Eric has taken me from pain to NO pain in just a few visits - and accomplished it without overcomplicated equipment or excessive fees! His staff is always warm and helpful; ensuring that my visit is exceptional. I have - and will continue - to recommend Arlington Family Wellness Center to family, friends and even strangers! Marion Armstrong

Dr. Alvarado always takes time to listen. He is knowledgable, kind and exhibits confidence and competence in his work. He seems to genuinely care. He was also very flexible with schedule and financial arrangements. Anon

I don't know where I'd be if I hadn't found Dr. Alavardo... He's not only a wonderful chiropractor, but he truely cares about you..I couldn't use my right arm at all & couldn't walk very well when I first came in. He has worked mircles with me. I have come a long way. It's all due to him. Connie Steere

Its really hard to find a doctor that has the time and patience to go over in detail about your concerns. Everytime I come into the office I am greeted either by the staff or even the doctor. Such a warm and friendly atmosphere. The doctor always makes sures that I understand everything in detail so I can better understand my diagnosis. I don't ever feel like I being rushed out the door. I recommend this facility to everyone. Tiffany Knighton

Feeling better than I have in almost a year. Thanks to Dr. Eric who gives personal care as though you were a relative. Thank you Dr. Eric for no pain. You truly have healing hands. Anon

This doctor is the best. Dr. Alvarado. I have only had one visit to your office, and I can truly say I'm already feeling better. You and your staff are the best. My pain in my back is still getting better. I was in your office Thursday. Friday I went to work and had so much relief on my back, I can't hardly wait for my next visit. Tears came to my eyes when you finished my adjustment. I thank you so very much, so plan is to be your patient for life. THANK YOU Lynn Dobbins

The Dr is always helpful. He really cares about his clients and he goes above and beyond to make sure that he is helping them. When other Dr.s have given up or written off my families pain this Dr has never given up. I am so greatful that we have him helping us. Rebecca Christie

I feel better every time I walk out. Dr. Alverado always finds the sore/tight spots. Wish I could go every day. David Campbell

We love the care received in the facility, it is very welcome and relaxing. Jose Ruiz

Unlike many doctors I've seen, Dr. Alvarado listened to me when I explained my pain, and didn't assume that a pre-existing condition was causing it. In just two visits I have less pain than I have in a long time, and I am confident that soon I will be pain free. Roberta Grob

I have been a chiropractic patient for 22 years and I can say definitively that Dr. Alvarado and his wife and staff provide the best possible care at the most affordable cost. As long as I'm in DFW I will never go anywhere else. Katherine Boyd

Dr. Eric.and his staff are te best,,,,,.??? Lynn Dobbins

I am so appreciative for your excellent quality of customer service. The reminder calls helps me to stay on track with my appointments. Thank you, so much for the extra things you do to make life a little easier. Brenda Graham

My family has been seeing Dr. Alvardo for over a year now. His staff is very cheerful, they provide a very welcoming atmosphere and his care for my family is spot on. He has greatly helped my 2 teenage kids transistion into adulthood with all their aches and pains. Dr. Alvardo is very knowlegdable in his field and it reflects in his adjustments and care. I highly recommend his practice to anyone, whether in pain or for anyone who just cares for their own well being. Krisha Crosley

Wonderful services for patients. I appreciate your flexibility with scheduling. Nilsa Dehghany

Dr. Alvarado and his staff are incredible! Roberta Grob

My body feels like its recovering quickly from Dr. Alvarado's adjustments... Thanks! Cheryl Turner

I just can't express in words that Dr. Alavarado has healing hands. I went to the office and told him I was having pelvis pain, he knows my Medical history and he did an assessment and ajustment, the pain is less everyday. Dr. A youre the best. Your staff is outstanding as well. Lady Lauren we miss not having you in the office like before, but we understand. Ms Kelly we are thankful to have you. Keep up the good work. Lynn Dobbins

I always love being adjusted at Arlington Family Wellness Center. I had chronic back prior to my first visit and after a few months I don't even remember what it felt like before! Even when I just go in for maintenance I walk out feeling like a million bucks. The staff is friendly and Dr. Eric Alvarado is great at what he does and is always very informative. Anon

grateful to feel better and know they r there when we need fixed... Angel Sligh

Dr. Alvorado has a great bedside manner and explained everything well to my 11 yr old son. Anon

Always feel better when I leave. Dr Alverado is one of the best chiropractors I have visited. Wish I could visit more often. David Campbell

Eric Alavardo has done wonders for me. He cares so much for his patients! I would highly recommend him for anyone who needs chiropratic care. Connie Steere

Dr. Alvarado always knows exactly how to pin point the source of the pain and take care of it. Rachel Dunn

I always have a good experience with Dr. Alavardo. He takes very good care of me. I would recommend him highly to anyone. Connie Steere

Very nice Doctor, super friendly staff, highly recommended. Anon

I appreciate the fact that I am treated as a person and not a number. Dr. Eric and Callie are wonderful! Rhonda Moore

The doctor is wonderful & so caring of his patients. He always helps me so much. Connie Steere

I was hesitant to try chiropractic. But Dr. Alvarado made me feel very comfortable with the process, he has an excellent technique and bedside manner. I trust his every move and have had total relief of my chronic pain, also feeling more energy and strength. I enjoy coming back twice a month for maintenance visits. I highly recommend Arlington Family Wellness, Dr. Alvarado, and his kind staff. Anon

Always treated with care & feel better when I leave, great experience! Karla Kenyon

The overall experience from the front desk to the office was great! Callie was very friendly and welcoming. We appreciated the professionalism of Dr. Eric Alvarado. The knowledgeable information that we received, helped us to feel very comfortable with his recommendation for a recovery plan that works for us! Phyllis Overton

I have been to many different chiropractors, not to say that they didn't do a good job, but I truly enjoyed/appreciated the different techniques used here. A job well done for sure!! Anon

I had never been to a chiropractor before, and I was skeptical. I had a back pain that was starting to interfere with my life and thought I would investigate a chiropractor. The professionalism, knowledge, integrity and sincerity demonstrated by Dr. Alvarado and his staff won me over enough to give it a try. They don't try to sell you on anything. Dr. Alvarado is very straight forward and just gives you information and let's you make up your mind. They have flexible hours and I feel that for the service that is provided reasonable rates . I have been a patient for almost a year and have seen a major improvement in my back pain, I almost don't even think of it anymore. I am now a believer in what this type of medicine can do. Anytime a friend or coworker complains to me that their back or neck hurts I always recommend this office. I have nothing but good things to say about it. Julia Hoskinson

Best ever. Donie Johnston

great place, Dr. Alvarado has really help me with my headaches and back problem. Esther Carrizales

Dr. Alvarado is an outstanding chiropractor with genuine concern about his patient's health. After knowing him for three years, I trust his expertise to the extend that now my whole family is under his care. Lourdes Salcido

A wonderful Dr. I have been to two other Chiropractor in my life for car accident. And those chiropractor were not near as good or detailed . He is nice and easy to talk to . I like the staff also. I always feel better once I go to him. Keep up the great work. Thanks for all you help . Jill Oram

Dr. Eric Alvarado is a great chiropractor because, he can identify your problem area and quickly match it to a solution that addresses your pain. He knows how to be firm but yet not hurt you. They begin with x-rays to see where you start and see the progress till end of treatment. I had been going to chiropractors for years and none of the others were able to identify all my problems and set up a good treatment plan like he has. Dr. A is one of the best! Mila Striker

My chiropractic adjustments were done thoroughly and addressed all my problem areas with skill and care. The doctor listened to my concerns about dealing with pain and advised me. The office atmosphere is warm and friendly. I trust them with my health. Joyce Mintzas

Good patient care, I will recommend you. Jose Ruiz

Best chiropractor ever. Dr. Alverado also showed me an interesting way to loose weight. I tell everyone I know how great he is. Anon

As always, I leave knowing I am making progress. Thank u Dr Alvarado. I'm feeling so much better. Sue McCuistion

He is a caring and excellent doctor. I highly recommend him to anyone. Connie Steere

Great doctor and service Maribel Hernandez

Always great service. Thank you! Myron Gailliard

Care and customer service is great. Tyrone Honore

Good job Jose Ruiz

I always feel better after going there. I am pretty hard on my body doing things a 20 year old should and I am almost 50. I love the staff and Dr. Eric Alvarado is so nice and understanding to my needs. I always feel better after leaving his office. He has keep me in shape. So I can go out and do more things a almost 50 year old should not do. Highly recommend! I have recommended him more then once to friends. Jill Oram

They are very professional about everything they do, have an excellent staff, treat each and every patient with care and I have already recommended them to multiple friends/family. Jordan Lawrence

He's a great doctor who truly cares about you. He has helped me so much! I would recommend his to anyone. Connie Steere

Excellent care, excellent staff. Great place for chiropractic treatment! Bryan Landin

I have gone to Dr. Eric Alvarado for about three years. I could not be more pleased with everything about them. Dr. Alvarado has helped me with some really painful back/hip/neck problems and I cannot be more grateful. Lauren has been more than wonderful about working with me and my finances. AMAZING PRACTICE - HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Leann Carroll

The doctors know what there doing and know what there talking about. I'm feeling a lot better after my accident a week and a half ago. Anthony Platter

Dr. Eric is amazing!!! He is gentle yet very effective. I have been seeing him for 2 years and he keeps me in good shape and out of pain. I trust him so much that he also sees my 4 kids. I have scoliosis and before receiving treatment from Dr. Eric I was on constant drugs and very out of it. Not able to even work. Now I am back to teaching and drug free. Allison Zahradnik

Excellent job they do Anthony Platter

Dr. Alvarado is an awesome doctor that always fixes me up after tough training session in jiujitsu. Thank you doc! Anon

I have rarely used any Chiropractic service, but I would recommend Arlington Family. The Doctor has a systematic approach that you will understand. He is through and diligent. He's not constantly trying to sell you something you don't need. In short, I felt almost immediate relief and over the period of the next couple weeks I was back to normal Mark Bartholomew

Excellent!!!! Anthony Platter

I have been 100% satisfied with Dr. Alvarado and his staff. They are always friendly. I truly appreciate their flexibility with scheduling! If I need to come in earlier or later than my appointment, it never seems to be a problem. Dr. Alvarado treats both my husband and myself and we are extremely pleased with all aspects of his practice. Anon

Excellent treatment!!! Anthony Platter

Experience was great. Love that Dr. Alvarado is professional. He tries to warn and keep patients informed ahead of time about sensitive areas especially when working with my child. Keith Christie

Always great service and care for patients. I would not go any where else!!!! Myron Gailliard

Dr. Eric was very up front and honest about my condition. He made sure I understood all the information he provided me. Cali and Lauren were very helpful as well in answering any question I had about after care. Im refering family members to the gentle care of Dr.Eric and his staff. Look foward to seeing you soon7 Rey Ann Rodriguez

Great service, I felt better immediately after my first adjustment. Cecilia Solis

Excellent doctor. Also very caring! I highly recommend him . Connie Steere

Great experience. ...luv Dr. Alvarado. ...wonderful doctor...also really like the new clicker....highly recommend him! Teresa Boorman

The office staff is very friendly and will answer any questions you have. It is a very pleasant experience in that there is no stress of having an appointment, then waiting for half an hour to be seen. Once you have arrived, within 10 to 15 minutes you are being seen, which allows for a flexable and positive visit. My wife has been coming for a couple of years and now i can see i will follow this trend. Shawn Zahradnik

I have been fortunate to be a patient on & off for 3 years, Dr. Eric Alvarado has a unique understanding of how my specific body pain restricts and affects my ability to cope with extreme discomfort or just walking & sitting. I would be sad & in pain if I had not found his help. Keep in mind I do let him know what is going on before the adjustment and afterwards. G G

My appointment was made for the same day my wife called. The receptionist was friendly and courteous; I was made to feel comfortable; and the doctor thoroughly examined my discomforts, took x-rays, and gave me his recommendation. I am pleased with the service. Dowling Ware

I have been going to Dr Alvarado for several years now. I go now only as maintenance but when I first started going to him, I was in a lot of pain and had very limited range of motion. He has given me quality of life back. I never realized that your body could be out of allignment and cause those types of issues. I am now pain free and my range of motion is terrific.Rachel Dunn

Very good and Informative Ben Powell

Nothing but the best in professionalism. Joseph Savell

Very happy with doctor and progression of my care:-) Stephanie Cranford

Dr. A and his staff are the best chiro team! :) Anon

Nothing but professionalism. Joseph Savell

The staff is very professional, and I feel very comfortable every time I visit. Thank you so much for your excellence! CJ Small

I had never been to a chiropractor before, but I am a believer now. The doctor is very nice and considerate. He informs you of what he is doing and why before he does anything. He is quick yet meticue front staff is super nice as well. They are a great team! Kirbi Schmidt

My first adjustment. Everything was explained in detail. Pain was gone in minutes. Very knowledgeable. Will definitely go again. Lauren Oakes

Everyone is very professional and polite. Sherri Seymour

Great service, from the receptionist to the Doc. Elizabeth Aragon

Friendly, professional staff. Dr. Alvarado's techniques are excellent. Virginia Viles

Excellent care and explanation of diagnosis and treatment plan Anon

The people and the office were very nice. Leroy Willis

Everyone is very nice and I always leave feeling better!! Amy Lewis

Going from unable to walk a short distance to being able to walk around the block without pain...absolutely wonderful! Virginia Viles

The office is very clean, the staff is friendly, and Dr. Alvarado is very knowledgeable. I came with pain and skepticism. Today I am a believer. I will be a long time patient to continue my path for a better quality of life. Susie Aderholt

Love the positive attitudes in the office...plus all the wonderful physical help. Thanks. Sue McCuistion

I don't know what I would do without Dr Alavardo's help. He is the greatest!!! If you want a great Chiropractor & someone who truly cares about you. Go to this doctor. Connie Steere

Great ppl very nice. Raul Flores

Always great care and service for his patients! Myron Gailliard

Everything was great! Demetirus Tickles

Great chiropractor !! He does what no else has been able to do! I feel fantastic! Marnie Garza

Everyone is nice and I always feel better after being seen. Amy Lewis

I would recommend this chiropractor to everyone. He has helped me so much since I have been seeing him. He is a very caring doctor. You want a great chiropractor, come see him. Connie Streere

I'm not getting much relief in the last few visits. I need to communicate clearly those things that I think may help with my adjustment and see what the doctor thinks. Thomas Baggett

Dr. Alvarado is amazing. I've never felt better! Bryan Landin

Always takes a day to be my normal body again. And sleep comes easier these days. Thanks Dr Eric for my healthier body. SMM Sue McCuistion

I think I actually have recommended this to everyone I know. Fast, friendly, affective. Never really knew about chiropractic and never thought I needed one. Either Dr Alvarado is psychic or he can feel what needs adjusted and pretty much nails it every time. Jason La Tour

The office is clean and the staff are friendly and caring. Dr. A's work is professional as well as efficient! He really knows what he is doing. I refer family and friends for the best Chiro care available. Susie Aderholt

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